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We Built A Thing

Feb 14, 2024

In this episode, Bruce gets the lap siding installed on the tractor shed and paints it. Then, he turns his attention to a maple table build. Mark, is setting his sights on the gun show, prepping things for that show. His concealment cabinets are sure to be a big hit. Drew is pushing hard to get the video and plans done...

Feb 7, 2024

In this episode, Bruce gets trusses up on the tractor shed. Mark, put out a video on making that cherry vanity. Check it out here: . Drew is partnering with Oneida to giveaway 3 Low Pro Dust Deputies...enter here: . Plus a ton more!


Jan 31, 2024

In this episode, Mark uses his chickens to find when something is level. Bruce uses an ACTUAL laser level for the first time. Drew outfits his OneFinity with dust collection. Plus a ton more!

Solafide Designs on Etsy:


Jan 24, 2024

In this episode, Mark discusses the process of pouring an epoxy vanity top that looks like marble. Bruce uses lag bolts as floating shelf hardware. The guys answer a question about drum sanders eating sandpaper. Drew sells his old router lift...and it did NOT go as expected. Plus a ton more!


Jan 17, 2024

In this episode, Mark gets all of the snow from Canada. Also, he makes good progress building the dovetail cherry vanity. Bruce upgrades his dust collector and put out a video about it: . Drew is working on a ton of those gaming trays for the local business in all...